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Bangalore, the IT centre of India, has one of the most popular restaurants in the world with its famous rava idli. The main claim of the legendary restaurant is that it invented the "Rava Idli" during the Second World War, when rice was in short supply.

This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Bangalore and a must for any foodie in the city. This is a fantastic place to eat, it is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, just a short walk from Bangalore International Airport. There is no doubt that this restaurant, as in many other places in Bengaluru and Bangalore, offers authentic home-made Karnataka dishes.

There are many dishes you can try in this place, there are dishes you should try here, such as the Kannada dal, Kabab, Bhajan, chutney, pakodas and many more. Some of the other dishes they have are some of their newly introduced items, such as the pies, mackadu and kadai. There are a lot of dishes to try here, such as kachchai, jaggery, tandoori chicken and even biryani and dal.

The famous Biryani Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Bengaluru with a wide range of dishes including biryanis, kachchai, jaggery, tandoori chicken and many more. This is a renowned and traditional vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore, serving dishes such as kabab, chutney, pakodas, macadu and kadai, to name a few. The 6 best restaurants in Bangalore serving modern Indian fusion cuisine include: Kannada Dal, Kabab and Kachchi, Kanchi, Bhajan, Chutneys, Mango, Pachai and Panchai.

The best restaurants of this type would be Kannada Dal, Kachchi, Bhajan, Chutneys, Mango, Pachai and Panchai in Bengaluru.

Other dishes are traditional South Indian, Idli, Vada, badam and halwa are just some of the best. For the best Punjabi flavour in the area, try the tandoori platter with a selection of kebabs, classic T andooris and chicken. The region has a very lively cuisine with a variety of spices such as kachchi, bhajan, chutneys, mango, pachai and panchai in Bengaluru. There are some of the most popular restaurants in India such as Kannada Dal, Bhattacharya, Maha Bazaar, Kanchi and many more in the city.

Bengaluru behaves like Bangalore with restaurants serving a variety of dishes such as bhajan, kachchi, chutneys, mangos, pachai and panchai in Bengaluru.

The best restaurants in Bangalore are evidence of the changing times as the capital city of Karnataka has become one of India's liveliest and most vibrant cities with a variety of restaurants and cafés.

While some might argue that the old must have given way to the pomp and dynamism of Bangalore's best restaurants, these places continue to excel and defy all odds. Despite the intense competition in the kitchen that accompanied the wave of modernity in Bangalore, some of them have maintained their original recipe for success. No matter how many times you have been here, you will always get unmatched standards from them and they have been able to build a loyal customer base. Smally's is the most popular restaurant in the city and is considered one of the best in India, and not only because of its excellent cuisine.

This is a major reason why Mangalore Pearl is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore, not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its excellent service.

Many of these food vendors are businesses, but the Pizza Bakery in Indiranagar is one of the best restaurants serving pizza in Bangalore. The best in town is the Tuck Stand with its excellent service, excellent food and good service.

This restaurant is located on Residency Road in central Bangalore and is famous for its sagu masala, sambar, chutney and other delicious dishes. This restaurant was founded in the late 1970s and is reminiscent of the iconic landmarks of old Bangalore.

It was founded by Maiya, a brother from Udupi in Karanataka who later worked as a chef for some prominent people in Bangalore before eventually opening his own restaurant. Mamagoto packed up his sushi craze and served it to the people of Bangalore after successfully establishing restaurants across India.

If you love Arabic cuisine and Bangalore, Zaica Dine & Wine is the place to be. This is certainly one of the best restaurants in Bangalore where you have to bring your family for dinner.

Although the restaurant is small, you will feel as comfortable with food and taste as you would if you were walking through the garden. In the heart of Bangalore, just a few blocks from Krishna Nagar, you must visit to see how Bangalore really does it with greenery! Located on the outskirts of the city, right next to the Botanical Garden of Bangalore, you have to visit this place to experience how it is really made. They host a variety of events that are usually very popular, such as weddings, weddings and other special events.

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